2015. Mass Death And Sorrow [12"]

by Total Silence

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Produced & Recorded: by Guile.
At Alone In Darkness Home Studio.
+04, 05 & 06/2015+

Mixed & Mastered: by Jaaka.
At Casa Punk/Casa Amarela Studio.

Artwork: by Murilo Pommer.

Line Up: Guile.Lundström

2015, by Decapitated Recs.
LP#001, 300 Pressed.

2016, by Pogohai Recs.
K7#022, 35 Pressed.

2016, by Eskaramuza Recs,
Mochila Recs and No War Recs.
CD, 100 Pressed.


released November 15, 2015

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Total Silence Duque De Caxias, Brazil


Tøtal Silence is a D-BEAT/RAW PUNK one man band, formed in Duque de Caxias/RJ in 2012. Theme of their lyrics talks about wars, nuclear disasters, animal liberation and ignorance of the human race.


LINE-UP: Guile.Lundström
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Track Name: Running To The Grave
tanks and planes, smashing our dreams.

/running to the grave covered of blood,
more bombs are coming, for the end of the world./

people screaming for help, death is ever near.
Track Name: A Look At Disgrace
misery, pain, death and destruction,
decimated people screaming in agony.

/take a look, a look at disgrace./

just in the total end,
only the memory of your loved.
Track Name: Quando Eles Declaram A Guerra
gritos de dor vindo dos escombros,
abala as estruturas de varias famílias,
ver seus filhos mutilados,
faz perderem o valor por nossas vidas.

/quando governos não têm argumentos,
eles declaram mais uma guerra./

vidas desestruturadas,
apenas vegetam por cima da terra,
cambaleando sobre os mortos,
esperando o seu fim.
Track Name: Tone Deaf
a children look of window,
and see the nightmare,
the sky is covered of bombs,
and the night turns day.

/tone deaf from bombers./

this not a natural disaster,
was created for human race,
the man is the curse of earth,
destroying the planet.
Track Name: The Anguish Of War Without Truce
mass crematorium, streets with smell of death,
the last survivors walking on the shadows, drowning in fear.

/the anguish of war without truce./

mass death of innocents,
this is a nightmare or reality?
Track Name: Kiss Of Death
a new gray dawn by the shadow of bombs.

/radioactive kiss of death./

the scars are bleeding, bleeding again.
Track Name: Raining (Missiles Again)
a gray sky today,
the last attack is near.

/raining... missiles again./

death is a poison for mankind,
the end is coming.
Track Name: Mass Death And Sorrow
enemy troops destroyed the city,
spreading the end after midnight.

/mass death and sorrow./

nowhere to run nowhere to escape,
rest in the silence of your grave.
Track Name: Another Night In Hell
the bombs exploded,
discharged gas into the air,
the bombs burning,
as a poison for the mother earth.

/another night in hell./

a new order is declared,
the people need die,
for empty the earth,
a new called of war.
Track Name: Extermínio De Animais
a tecnologia avança, a caminho da autodestruição,
animais condenados a sofrer com pesquisas científicas.

/tecnologia avançada usada para matar,
tecnologia avançada usada para o extermínio de animais./

nas jaulas seus olhos imploram por suas vidas,
o raciocínio humano se perdeu.
Track Name: Our Future Extinct
when the enola passes,
wait and see their trail of destruction,
no human being or animal,
will can see the light of sun.

/the world in darkness, our future extinct./

the death seeking for lives,
no time to cry only to die,
the blood of innocents children,
awakens sorrow and pain.
Track Name: Maybe A Tomorrow
blind and disfigured by horrors of war,
a mom cries and screams for your dead children.
/after the war scars, maybe a tomorrow./

an acid storm, brought on by nuclear winter,
the earth is covered for atomic dust.

the darkest feeling what if can have,
whole families lose the will to live.
Track Name: The Price Of War
in darkness, there's no escape.

/this is the price, what you pay for war./

the shade of death is the only way.

for men, women and children, there's no victory.
Track Name: Victims Of The Slaughters
for oil soldiers are killing innocent victims,
the troops armed is exploiting people.

/disarm the system, no more victims of the slaughters./